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About Us

Buttsbury Junior School provides a safe, inclusive and challenging learning journey in a fun environment, where there is pride in achievement, and teamwork that builds respect and trust.

The School’s Core Values are:

  • Learning Journey: We encourage all children to develop an independent learning approach that demonstrates initiative and a determination to be challenged.
  • Fun: We deliver a fun and exciting curriculum that, together with a wide range of sports and clubs, enables children to develop skills, friendships and happy memories.
  • Teamwork: Together we support, respect and trust each other. We value effective communication, to engage with both the school and the wider community.
  • Pride: Celebrating achievement and success is at the heart of our school, enabling all to shine as individuals, teams and groups. We are proud of our school and all that we do.

The Children’s Motto is:

Be happy, be safe, be smart, be Buttsbury 

Buttsbury Junior School is a two-storey building with 16 traditional classrooms and two halls. There are also several specialist rooms:

  • Computer Suite
  • Library
  • Meeting Room
  • Instrumental music teaching room.
  • Special Educational Needs study room with three additional group rooms
  • Community Group Room
  • Small group teaching rooms x 2

The grounds include a large playground, playing field and garden. We have invested heavily in ICT equipment – each classroom has a Clever Touch Plus board and we also have 64 pupil laptops and 64 iPads. We were inspected by Ofsted in March 2015 and graded as ‘GOOD’ in all categories.

The children, admitted into Year 3, are divided into four parallel mixed ability classes. The four class groups usually stay together until they transfer to secondary education. The children are put into ability sets for maths throughout the school.

The majority of children admitted to Year 3 transfer from Buttsbury Infant School. Close links exist between the two schools to ensure continuity of curriculum provision and shared expectations.