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Part-Time TeacherMiss S Brown

Headteacher Mrs A Robinson
Deputy Headteacher Mrs S Lavelle (currently on maternity leave)
Acting Deputy Headteacher Mrs C Coughtrey
Acting Assistant Headteacher Miss S Carroll
Year 3 Leader Miss N Miller
Year 3 Teachers Mrs Z Mara
Miss P Donnelly
Miss O Roe
Year 4 Leader Miss S Carroll
Year 4 Teachers Miss L Pretty
Miss D Taylor
Mrs J Hampton
Year 5 Leader Mrs C Coughtrey
Year 5 Teachers Ms D Marshall
Mr I Tweedie
Mrs J Sherwood
Year 6 Leader Miss F Ferguson
Year 6 Teachers Mr P Redmill
Mrs L Abbott
Miss L Unite
Inclusion Manager Mrs J Backhouse
Mathematics Teacher Mrs M Askew
Part-Time Teacher Miss S Brown
Part-Time Teacher Mrs E Wenham
Chair of Governing Body Mr M McGowan
Clerk to Governing Body Mrs S Julian-Ottie
Finance Officer Mrs J Gilchrist
Office Manager Mrs C Byfield
Admin Officer Mrs J Risley
Admin Assistant Miss B Whitfield
ICT Technician Mrs S Samuelson
Site Manager Mr D Lucas
Head Mid-day Assistant Ms A Misselbrook
Deputy Head Mid-day Assistant Mrs J Crooks & Mrs W Dady
Catering Manager Mrs J Head